SPOTLIGHT: Vegan Homeopath, Reiki Master, & Retreat Host

Personal Branding Photography Spotlight on Vegan Homeopath, Polly Tomlinson

After moving near Liverpool in July 2019, I went on a hunt to find (and try) as many vegan and vegetarian shops, cafes, and hangouts, as I possibly could. That, along with making friends, and transferring and building my photography business, was one of my main priorities!

As I was leaving one particular cafe one December day after a delicious sandwich, I noticed a flyer for a plant-based wellness retreat scheduled for following month, just after the New Year. In my quest to make friends, find photography work, and connect with like-minded souls, I reached out to offer my services at their upcoming event, and to my delight, they were happy to have me!

Charlie and Polly Tomlinson, mother-daughter wellness power duo, put on a lovely retreat that reinvigorated and inspired each attendee.

Sound familiar so far? Check out the spotlight on Polly's daughter, vegan cheesemaker and retreat chef, Charlie Tomlinson.

Polly is a compassionate, animal loving homeopath who values human connection, wellness, and whole body fitness. Her journey to homeopathy stemmed from a struggle to find suitable treatment in western medicine for her young daughter. Over 20 years later, Polly has treated hundreds of patients and continues to promote healing and wellness online and at her retreats.

Our aim for Polly's photos was to run through her morning wellness routine, from meditating and journaling, to prepping her breakfast smoothie and visiting with her german shepherds. We stuck to a color palette that complemented her brand makeover and fresh website. You can check out how she uses the images from our session through her website and instagram linked below!




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